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May 16, 2016

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Risk Management Strategies
May 6, 2016

Risk Management Strategies For Managers &Trustees

Risk Management Strategies

Risk Management Strategies Online Class

Course Name : Risk Management Strategies For Managers &Trustees

Target Audience : Trustees, Managers, Accountants, CEO, Directors
Venues :

Date Time Venue
2016-05-25 12.30 – 14.00 Online
2016-07-22 12.30 – 14.00 Online
2016-10-19 10.00 am – 11.30 am Online
2016-12-12 10.00am -11.30am Online
Fee : 40
Course Objectives :

This course is designed to help you learn how to effectively manage risks, to mitigate financial exposure.

The course will help organisations identify the different types of risks and, carefully evaluate their impacts with the view to designing a risk register and robust risk management strategies .

As part of the course, you will have access to samples of risk register, risk assessment framework and risk management strategies which will be used for practical illustrations of the concepts covered during the course.

Contents :

1. What is risk; the anatomy of risk and the benefit of risk management p>

2. What is organisational and project risk including supply chain risk

3. What are the various categories of risks that your organisation should manage as part of its contractual responsibilities?

4. The main processes and systems to manage risks and deliver sustainable growth.

5. Various cutting edge approaches used for risk identification, risk assessment and risk management

6. Analyse the use of probability and impact assessment to manage risks .

7. Develop risk assessment and register to profile organisational and project risk for resource allocation.

8. The Four T Model for risk mitigation and strategy formulation to lessen the impact of risk exposure

9. How to cultivate risk management culture and practical steps used by cutting edge organisations to achieve this

10. Understanding the lingo of risk management strategy

11. Contract as a tool for managing risk and how to avoid contract failure risk

Project Proposal Writing Course
May 5, 2016

Project Proposal Writing Course Online

Course Name : Project Proposal Writing Course Online
Target Audience : Fundraisers, Project Officers, Managers

Venues :

Date Time Venue
2016-05-25 10.00am – 11.30am Online
2016-07-14 12.30 pm – 14.00pm Online
2016-09-20 12.30 pm – 14.00pm Online
2016-11-24 12.30 pm – 14.00pm Online
Fee : 45

Course Objectives :

This course is an online course and all participants will be sent a joining instruction and training materials to access the course

This course is designed to provide you with the skills required to write an effective project proposal for fundraising.

This course builds on our training course title ‘Developing Projects For Proposal Writing & Fundraising’ which we strongly recommend to those who are new to fundraising.

This course will offer you tools and templates that you can use to write your proposal, as well as practical examples to tackle different section of your proposal writing, ensuring that you gain competitive edge in your funding application .

Contents :

What is project proposal for funding?

The fundamental principles underpinning successful project proposals?

Brief overview of the funding market.

Planning your proposal writing – the typical questions asked by funders.

How to describe your organisation to gain funders’ interest .

Articulating the purpose of your proposal to demonstrate strategic fit with funders’ priorities.

Describing project’s beneficiaries and partners.

Developing your ‘Project Need Statement’.

Linking expected achievement to ‘Goals & Objectives’.

How to clearly communicate your project approach.

Models for developing project work-plan (Gant Chart).

Tackling the financials– budgets and management.

Project management plan- monitoring & evaluation.

Demonstrating sustainability of your project.

Finalising your proposal writing & submission.

Plus 100 grant giving trusts and foundations you can approach for funding – selected from our directory of grant giving trusts and foundations made up of 2400 plus organisations in the UK and 40000 plus organisations in the USA


I recommend not only this style of training course but all the course content as being exactly what it said on the tin! I was very impressed by the presenter’s delivery of a great deal of content covered over a short period of time. Fast paced yes, but delivered in an interesting style and delivered in a manner which gave me confidence I too could manage this and am now equipped with a clear route map as to how I need to order my work to maximize my potential for success. Thank you.

Shirley ILLSLEY St. Joseph’s Specialist School & College www. st-josephscranleigh.surrey.sch.uk

Developing Projects For Effective Fundraising
May 5, 2016

Project Planning – Developing-Project-For-Proposals-&-Fundraising

Course Name : Developing-Project-For-Proposals-&-Fundraising
Target Audience : Fundraisers, Project Officers, Managers, CEO

Venues :

Date Time Venue
2016-05-11 12.00noon- 13.30pm Online/Webinar
2016-07-14 10.00am-11.30pm Online/Webinar
2016-09-20 10.00am-11.30pm Online/Webinar
2016-11-24 10.00am-11.30pm Online/Webinar
Fee : 40.00
Project Planning and Development Course

Project Planning and Development

Course Objectives :

This course is an online course in which you will be able to attend a webinar and gain access to training materials prior to the webinar. The course is designed to teach you how to effectively plan and develop successful projects for proposal writing and fundraising.

At the heart of any project funding proposal, is the importance of developing and presenting an effective project that addresses the needs of beneficiaries and those of the immediate stakeholders.

If your projects have not been successful in raising funding or bidding for contracts, it is more than likely you will need some skills in developing projects that are fit for funding; or you may need to develop your skills in grant writing or proposal writing.

Failure to follow best practice approaches when planning, designing and developing projects for which you will be seeking funding subsequently, will no doubt be met with failure.

This course will teach you how to design and develop an effective project for successful proposal writing and fundraising.

After you have completed this module, we recommend you take our ‘Project Proposal Writing For Effective Fundraising Course ‘ or ‘Grant writing skills For Effective Fundraising’.

We also run a course in Financial Management Skills For Fundraising .

Contents :

1. Why do you need a project and what do you want to achieve from it?

2. Best practice approach to designing an effective project for proposal writing.

3. Understanding the social and economic context of your project.

4. How to use SWOT Analysis Model to maximise project success and minimise project risks.

5. Using ‘Stakeholder Analysis Model to enhance buy in for project success, including diagnosing problems and determining holistic solutions for project success.

6. The four core methods of involving stakeholders including justifying your project against alternative proposals.

7 Defining the features and benefits of your projects and linking them to metrics such as project outputs and outcomes.

8. How to conduct project risk assessment and management strategies.

9. How to use FORCE FIELD MODEL & COST BENEFITS MODEL for project selection strategy.

10. Exploring framework for developing project quantitative and qualitative metrics for outcomes and impact assessment.

Plus 100 grant giving trusts in the UK that you can apply for grants to support your organisation.

We are currently putting together fundraising database containing over 2500 charitable trusts and foundations in the UK as well as grant giving charities plus over 40000 USA and international foundation and charitable trusts. If you would like to claim 25% discount when it goes live in December 2015, please join our mailing list and we will let you know when it is available.


I now feel that I have the confidence and knowledge to play a positive role in a bid team.

Bryn Morris

Citizen Advice Bureau


How to write business plan
May 5, 2016

Does your organisation need a business plan for funding or growth? This course is designed for those in the not for profit and for profit sector and a separate E-toolkit is available for the the Not For Profit Sector Organisations & For Profit Organisations . This course is designed to assist you to gain the skills needed to write your business plan to accomplish your organisational priorities including funding.


Gain immediate access to our online training course in which a tutor that is qualified in the subject teaches the subject matter in a fun and interesting manner .

You will be able to access training video of the course within few business days after your payment for the course is cleared and you can attend the live webinar. In order to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the course, we offer you access to our tutors, who you will ask questions about the course contents

Contents :

  • The importance of putting together a business plan for funding, growth and business improvement as a for profit and not for profit organisation.
  • Misconception of business planning in the ‘Not For Profit Sector’
  • What is a business plan and how to write a compelling business plan for your organisation; the common themes between the For Profit Sector and the Not For Profit Sector business plan.
  • The difference between strategic planning and business planning.
  • Strategic planning in action using different models and its link to business planning.
  • Scope and contents of a business plan for funding and growth-we will identify specific areas of difference for the Not For Profit Organisations as part of the course
  • How to clarify your vision and mission, as well as put together your vision and mission statement
  • How to develop; your organisational/corporate strategy, business goals; and business objectives.
  • How to identify and scope out your; target markets / (beneficiaries in the case of a not for profit sector) and their buying criteria so that you can put together an effective marketing strategy/ plan for effective marketing.
  • Defining and clarifying your core operational products/services ( e.g. your projects for target beneficiaries in the not for profit sector) using metrics such as features and benefits, as well as defining your pricing strategies.
  • Using PESTEL Analysis (and Porters 5 Forces) to analyse your external operating environments and reference to secondary research materials.
  • How to profile your competition in your target market (whether you are a not for profit or for profit organisation you have competitors); Determine indirect and direct competition and put together a unique selling preposition.
  • Exploring and identify gaps in.
  • Identify and evaluate SWOT analysis and put together milestones.
  • Risk assessment and risk management strategies for business success.
  • Understanding the 7 marketing mix and their importance for the development of your marketing strategies.

Take our online certification test and show your employer/ professional body your certificate of completion.


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